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[The Kiss - Watercolour] [The Kiss - Black & White]
[The Kiss - Pencil] [Lisa - Watercolour Illustration]
[Lisa in black and white] [Lisa in Pencil]
[Seeress and Child] [Seeress Saving Man]
[Seeress, Eve and Adam] [Kundalini, copper engraved print]
[Forgive them Father, copperplate engraved print]

[Copperplate Fine Engraving & Art]
[Limited editions and artist's proofs]
All works of art available in limited editions and artist's proofs - Copyright © A. B. Bradshaw.
"The Seeress" series from upcoming poetry book by A. B. Bradshaw.
[Prints, wood engravings, copper engravings and original work of art]
[Archive works by A. B. Bradshaw]
[Samurii, 1987] [Samurii, Water Colour & Ink]
[Saving Grace, Copperplate Print] [Valley of Souls, Copperplate Engraving]
[Stepping Stones, Copper Engraved Print] [Afgani Rider, Offset Print]
[Elder Generation, Wood Engraving, Rare Print] [Leo, Watercolour and Ink]
[Pool Player, Watercolour Print, Limited Edition] [Lucifer's Restraint, Wood Engraving]
[Artist and Seven Muses, D'arches watercolour paper] [Artist and Seven Muses, Close View]
[555, Wood Engraving] [Avenging Angel, Rare Archive Work]
[Kundalidi from book Sea of Jewels] [Using Chien-Tzu, Framed Original Art]
[Soul on Island]

[Samurii, Copperplate Print]
[Copper and Wood Engraver]
Early prints, wood engravings, copper engravings and originals: Limited work available.

A. B. Bradshaw has the copper plates for most of these engravings and others. Many were issued in very low numbers, some for proofs only, not a full edition. Interested parties may contact the artist for printing rights for a separate edition.

[Intaglio Prints and Bulino Engraving]
[Classical Style Copper Engraving]
A. B. Bradshaw produces copperplate engravings that are used in the historical manner to produce intaglio prints. He is a virtual singular artist in the world today, producing line engravings in the classical style of 1890, cross-hatching, or banknote engraving style. His production of copperplates for printing in the style of the masters like Durer and Blake, is a very rare and almost dying art nowadays.

A. B. Bradshaw was apprenticed to master steel engraver Harry Markwardt over thirty five years ago and has been engraving ever since. Trained as a hand engraver of the old school, he is able to do any form of work the trade may require.

Mr. Bradshaw has produced several limited edition books of his own poetry with wood and copperplate engravings.

As a master engraver, Bruce produces gun work, jewellery engraving in precious metals and continues to produce engraved copperplate prints. Aspiring artists or engravers interested in learning about engraving can contact Mr. Bradshaw regarding apprenticeships or online tutorials.

Printing plates will be produced for other artists who do not make plates of their own but simply wish to make an edition.

All prints and original works are available from A. B. Bradshaw. Please contact directly for more information.

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