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[Master Engraver - The Smell of Steel] [1858 Remington Gun]

A. B. Bradshaw is a licenced firearms engraver and accepts all long guns and pistols. Master engraving takes time and a peaceful mind. He is a hand engraver, producing works of art in steel and copperplate engraved artistic prints. Restoration engraving and gold inlay replacement on many of the finest guns in the world. Shotgun names like Boss, Boswell, John Dickson & Son, and Charles Lancaster have all crossed his bench.

Like many old school engravers, including Ken Hunt, Brown Bros., Mr. D. W. Harris, Lindsay, and many Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) members, he makes his own tools in the time honoured tradition. A history handed down from artist engravers such as Durer, Blake, George Bradshaw and the great Harry Kell and many unknown engravers, in the apprentice style from master to master.

All of these men were inspirational. "I saw Blake's original engravings in the Tate Gallery.", says Bruce. "I studied tools that were hand made in 1860, at the British Museum, trying to learn more. Engraving books are pretty, but a teacher is the old way."

Gun engravers, chisel work or British "push engraving", are all legacies of many great masters, artists and trade engravers, from 1500 to this day. The historical work on flintlocks and hammer guns, Ithaca's, Remingtons, Brownings, Winchesters, Colts, Rigbys, Purdeys, Holland & Hollands, or many fine German and Italian-style engraved shotguns, whether upgrades, restorations or original work, is all slow hand work. All done to a precision that is almost unbelievably demanding. The highest standards are the goal set by all these past guides, like Nimschke, Bewick and present masters. Apprenticed in 1960s to a German master, Bruce Bradshaw continues today to produce engraving for a screw head or a .577; a true trade engraver.

"I do only engraving, and leave gunsmithing, blueing, checkering, stockmaking to the respective professionals.", says Bruce. He believes, in a trade as demanding as this, it seems better that way. Making masterpieces in steel or copperplate prints, from his early days with Paul Roberts of John Rigby & Co.'s in London, England, to today, the client is always first. "Send it out of the shop better than it came in", his teacher taught Bruce, and he keeps doing it that way.

  • Deep carving of scenes is a specialty.
  • A. B. Bradshaw does high-end custom engraving on all parts and all metals for show cars.
  • All of Kenny Jarrett's engraving for his precision rifles. See Photo Gallery for examples.
  • Has done engraving for master gunsmith Paul Fuchs, Alton, Illinois, USA.
  • All of British master gunsmith Leslie A. Paul's, restoration engraving and new work.
  • Engraving for M. K. Owen, of the River City Rifle Company in Moscow, Tennessee, U.S.A., on his big bore doubles and kentucky rifles.

A. B. Bradshaw does total restorations or an original heirloom firearm.
[Perazzi Rifle]

[ Small deeply engraved scenes are a unique specialty of A. B. Bradshaw. ]


"Outstanding job, Bruce. Excellent attention to detail. I could not be happier with your work. Thank you for taking care of me on this. I can't stop admiring the gun and can't wait to get the wood done."  --Mark M., Hunter, Pennsylvania, USA


"I like it ALL!... Keep 'em coming! Very exciting stuff!"  --Tom


"I am proud of both you and the work done on the rifle." --Richard R. Cousins, Venetia, Pennsylvania, USA

[Shotgun Engraver]
[Jarrett Holm Deep Carving]

[ Multiple patterned inlays of platinum and gold. The small full relief carving of mountain lion attacking a deer is a specialty of A. B. Bradshaw. The coloring was applied and polished off on the engraved areas. ]

[Engraving Projects]

  • For gunsmiths, private or corporate clients, restoration, up-grades, deluxe full coverage original work on shotguns, rifles, pistols,knives heraldry, raised relief initials, rose and scroll.
  • All manner of engraving, gold, platinum inlays, initials in ovals, wildlife in gold, as desired.
  • Factory style patterns reproduced for Browning, Krieghoff, Winchester, Parker, Fox, Colt, and all makes of shotguns and firearms.
  • Line engraving, banknote, stipple work, Bulino rib lettering re-engraved, in exact original style.
  • Stainless steel engraved.
  • Cars and motorcycle parts engraved in full scroll.

Mr. Bradshaw also works making copper engraved prints in the classical bank note style. One of few artists in the art world today who still works in this manner.
[Perazzi SCO-ORO Rifle]

[Mastodon 4 bore]


"Wow, UNBELIEVABLE! You have outdone yourself Bruce! It really is ‘Magnifico’ and I can't wait to show it off! Thank you for all and the pics too!" --Tom, Savannah, Georgia, USA


"I really love those birds."
--Perazzi Owner

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