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[Restoration & Upgrade Engraving]
[Parker fully re-cut stroke for stroke restoration] [Parker Early Shotgun, complete restoration] [410 Browning Shotgun Restoration]
[Ruger New Vaquero with custom octagonal 7-1/2 inch barrel] [Ruger New Vaquero Gun, detailed engraving] [Ruger New Vaquero]
[Greener Shotgun Restoration Engraving] [Greener Gun Tang] [Greener Classic Shotgun - Floorplate]
[Winchester #5 factory pattern] [Old Greener Gun] [Classic Shotgun]
[Browning Gun] [Remington 1100] [Beralla Shotgun]
[Cowboy Style Colt] [German Design on Browning Gun]  

[Custom Engraved Restoration on Guns, Rifles, Revolvers and Knives]
Original Engraving / More Original Engraving / Restoration & Upgrade Engraving /
[Restoration Engraver]
"Yeah, that was the Wow!!! This is really wonderful work. I have been trying to find ways to show it off - might hit the skeet range Saturday. I am so pleased. This will be a keepsake in the family for generations. Glad to recommend your work to all who'll listen!"
--Brian Greig, Austin, Texas, USA
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[A specialty of A. B. Bradshaw Engraving]
Often a classic double or rifle has lost some of the original engraving due to repair, wear or bad workmanship over the years. Stroke for stroke, using traditional hand tools, lost or faded designs are refreshed or replaced, early patterns reproduced, lettering re-cut in the original style and, 24k gold and precious metal inlays replaced. Museum quality restoration can be done without changing the character or style of the original master, bringing the collectable back to a newly engraved state. Period upgrades in original style are also done.
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